body is rarely used by itself. Though you may find that you need to define the occasional CSS element all the way back to body.

At this level you are more likely wanting to use the classes found at the body level in order to apply a CSS change to sections of the campaign (wiki, characters,etc) or to provide a different CSS layout for GM, campaign members and non campaign members.

Classes What It Is Sample Uses
campaign-landing-show Your Front Page
campaign-forum-index Forum Page
campaign-calendar-index Calendar Page
adventure-log-index Adventure Log Listing
adventure-log-show Individual Adventure Logs
wiki-page-show Wiki Pages
campaign-assets-index Media Library
character-index Character Listing
character-show Individual Character Pages
campaign-map-index Map Page
item-index Item Listing
item-show Individual Item Pages
campaign-settings Settings Page
campaign-public-layout Front Page,Adventure Log,Wiki,Characters,Items, Maps
campaign-dashboard-layout Dashboard,Forum, Calendar,Media Library, Settings
ascendant-campaign Ascendant Campaign
logged-in logged in user
ascendant-user Ascendant account
campaign-member Identifying campaign members Adding an extra Navigation Icon goes 12 down for member 8 down for nonmembers
campaign-game-master Game Master’s account

You may find the use of :not to be useful in here when there is no class defining a specific usage for example

.campaign-member and :not(.campaign-member) to determine members and non members of a campaign since there is no non-member class.


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