Campaign Navigation

There are plenty of changes you can make to the Navigation. I’ll start of listing a couple of them.

1. Changing the Icons Pictures

You can view an example of that here

It follows the format of

.icon-name::before {content: url(;}

where .icon-name is one of the following

op-icon-dash Dashboard
icon-home Front Page
op-icon-forum Forum
icon-calendar-empty Calendar
op-icon-page Adventure Log
op-icon-image-embed Media Library
op-icon-book-wiki Wiki
op-icon-characters Characters
op-icon-map Map
op-icon-backpack Items
op-icon-gears Settings

If you change those you may also want to change the icons that appear in the campaign stream

The stream icon for someone becoming a fan of your site
.campaign-stream-module .update-container.favorite .background-container {background-image: url(;}

The stream icon for Adventure logs
.campaign-stream-module .update-container.adventure-log .background-container{background-image: url(;}

The stream icon for Wiki
.campaign-stream-module .background-container{background-image: url(;}

The stream icon for Characters
.campaign-stream-module .update-container.character .background-container {background-image: url(;}

The stream icon for Items
.campaign-stream-module .update-container.item .background-container{background-image: url(;}

2. Hiding a Navigation Menu Item

.campaign-dashboard-layout #dashboard-main-nav li.section.calendar{display: none;}

You need to add the .campaign-dashboard-layout #dashboard-main-nav li part instead of just .section.calendar because there is a

.campaign-dashboard-layout #dashboard-main-nav ul li {
display: block;

so you need some additional specificity.

Campaign Navigation

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