Campaign Permissions Tricks

You can use the .campaign-game-master and .campaign-member classes

One that I use in my campaigns is the removal of the delete button in the Media Library for all but the GM

.delete-link.icon-kub-trash.expand.alert {display: none;}
.campaign-game-master .delete-link.icon-kub-trash.expand.alert {display: inline-block;}
.delete-link.expand.alert {display: none;}
.campaign-game-master .delete-link.icon-kub-trash.expand.alert {display: inline-block;}

You can also limit editing of wiki pages

.campaign-member .icon-edit {display: none;}
.campaign-game-master .icon-edit {display: inline;}

Or limit editing of forum posts

.icon-edit.edit-post-link {display: none;}
.campaign-game-master .icon-edit.edit-post-link {display: inline-block;}

Basically the idea it to remove access from everyone and then returns it to the GM.

Another example is you could make any tags starting with GM_ (or really unique combination of characters that you wouldn’t use for a normal tag) visible only to the GM

Basically make it so nobody can see GM_ tags


Then allow the .campaign-game-master to see GM_ tags

.campaign-game-master a[data-tag*=“GM_”]{

You could also say change the position of an icon depending on whether a person is part of your campaign or not (in this case I had added an extra navigation icon and needed to change the position depending on whether they were a member or not.

:not(.campaign-member) .xcomcalendaricon {position:absolute; TOP:216px; LEFT:15px; z-index:999}
.campaign-member .xcomcalendaricon {position:absolute; TOP:396px; LEFT:15px; z-index:999}

Campaign Permissions Tricks

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